Week 5

Welcome to week 5.

We are almost half way through this term already and it is flying!!

Last week we were able to get out and explore the reason that the sun and moon appear to be the same size even though the sun is actually so much bigger than the earth and moon. the pictures below show the students investigating perspective.

In literacy we are continuing working on persuasive texts and have commenced writing our own text to convince the reader to learn to do something.  We are learning about persuasive devices such as emotive and modal language and how to grab the readers attention with a rhetorical question.  In maths we will be finishing interpreting data.


Homework this week includes reading, with the reading log to be completed daily. We are swapping our home readers on Tuesdays so please ensure your child brings their home reader tomorrow to be swapped.  Spelling words are also coming home with a Look, Cover, Say, Write check list to be completed every night and don't forget sight words practice.
In maths we are completing unit 5, with a video outling the strategy here.  We are also practicing the 2 times tables so please ask your child to write or count orally by two's each night.

As always, we will mark mental maths each morning but I will collect all other homework on Fridays.

Home reading books will be swapped on Tuesday, so please ensure that your child brings their reading book to swap.

Monday next week (5th of March) is a public holiday. I am sure that everyone has this marked on their calendars, but just a reminder that Tuesday (6th of March) is a Pupil Free Day as teachers will be undertaking Professional Development. 


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