Week 4

A very big congratulations to all of the children! I was very proud of the fabulous effort and focus put in by all students!

In our literacy lessons this week we have been looking at Sensational Story Starters...these include: 
  • Action
  • Description of a setting
  • Description of a character
  • Dialogue
  • Rhetorical Question
  • Statement 
  • Onomatopoiea
We discussed the importance of using one of these to 'hook' the reader into the story. Over the coming weeks we will begin to plan, draft, edit and publish a Dreamtime story using one of these starters.

In our maths sessions we have moved on to symmetry having spent considerable effort on time.  We will be coming back to this later in the year.


Reading - All reading is to be written into their reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then signed by you.

Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list words for the week. 

Sight Words - If you can please work with your child to complete these every night. It is great to ask your child the definition of the word or to use that word in a sentence as well if you have time?

Mental Maths - Students are to complete Days 1-4 of Unit 14. This is marked daily in class each morning. It is fine if students work ahead on this.

Times Tables - Activity Sheet - 5 x Times Tables. Students are asked to write out their tables in order on Monday and Tuesday nights and then complete them out of order on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a great week,

Mr Mc


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