Week 8

Good afternoon Parents,

Our excursion to Ngilgi Cave last week was absolutely fantastic.  It was a great opportunity to get out and explore an amazing landmark and hear local stories and information from Josh. All the kids had a great time!

Their reflection sheets will be up for display in the coming days, this gave the students an opportunity to reflect on what they saw and enjoyed about the excursion!

It has been a very busy few weeks and we have some important events coming up, please see the Reminders section below.


World Refugee Lunch Day - is being held this Wednesday 20th June, your child will need to bring a container for their lunch as well.

If you would like for your child to participate and you have not already returned the note, please let Mrs Meyer know. 

If you can also please discuss with your child the donation that can be made...this is the average cost of what it take to feed your child on this day. If your child may have some pocket money to contribute towards this it would also be great! 

P&F Disco - Get ready to shake your groove thing on Friday 22nd June...for some of you this may be as you drop your child off for a couple of hours...other might be there to volunteer! Please see the email and flyers sent from Mrs Marrell or your class rep.

Cross Country - Is on this Thursday 21st June beginning at 9am. Please make sure that your child comes with their faction shirt on. An email has been sent with instruction on where to park etc.

Gathering Time - Just a reminder that at this stage of the year, I am working hard with the students on their personal organisation. It is important that the students are taking the lead with getting themselves ready for the day with all required items.

Whilst you are very welcome to come in and check the learning that has been happening, please don't feel obliged to come in every day with your child. I am here to assist them with reading of the instruction on the board and then their organisation for the day if they need it.


It has been a great week as we have finished our Dreaming stories...the students did a fantastic job on these!  Some of these may come home for illustrating, so please support your child to complete these illustrations as required.

They have already begun to plan and draft a new narrative on a topic of their choice...these will be finished by the end of the term and will give the students an opportunity to work within the narrative genre but with sensational story starters, action and dialogue!

In Maths we are looking at length and area as well as written and mental strategies for multiplication. 

In Design Technology we will be making our own paper on Friday! Students have been looking at the various processes involved in recycling metal, paper and plastic and will have the chance to put these skills to use to make their own paper on Friday! 


Please see below the homework that has been assigned for the week.

Reading - All reading is to be written into their reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then signed by you.

Spelling - Students are to complete a LCWC of their list words for the week. 

Sight Words - If you can please work with your child to complete these every night.

Mental Maths - Students are to complete Days 1-4 of Unit 17. This is marked daily in class each morning. It is fine if students work ahead on this.

Times Tables - Activity Sheet. Students are asked to write out their tables in order on Monday and Tuesday nights and then complete them out of order on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mr McSevich


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